Steam (Windows and Linux), Nintendo Switch 🞄 2019 🞄 Neognosis 🞄 Lead Developer: Vonsnake 🞄 Music: Vonsnake, Xpand, Shiryu, Shiftdelete, SHEM, Paradise Decay 🞄 Track & Graphic Design: Xpand, Minty 🞄 Additional Designs: Meg A. Byte, MisterZen, Moo, brightentayle, radracer256, Vista and a host of others

BallisticNG is a futuristic racing game intended to be a spiritual successor to the WipeOut series, specifically the older titles on the original PlayStation. This game lets you participate in Anti-Gravity League 2159, a fast-paced, gun-laden event where multiple racing teams try to outswerve each other for dominance, spanning across multiple continents and even the Moon.

BallisticNG has one of the largest modding scenes for a game in this subgenre, if not the largest, all made easier with integrated modding tools and Steam Workshop support, providing you with hundreds of custom tracks, ships and even game modes! Why have just "the closest thing we'll ever have to WipeOut on PC", when you can easily make it almost identical to that?

Famicom Fighters

Windows (M.U.G.E.N or Ikemen) 🞄 Under development 🞄 Lead Developer: KingPepe 🞄 Graphics: KingPepe, Rukifellth, brightentayle, thatguysebi, The Guy, GDKN/Kabukiguy, Da Shamboozle, Elecman the Hedgehog 🞄 Music: MC Jimmy, brightentayle 🞄 Webpage: brightentayle

Famicom Fighters is a primarily one-on-one fighting game involving characters from various NES/Famicom games, both popular and obscure, like Kick Master or Kaiketsu Yanchamaru! Each fighter comes with their own unique playstyle, polished up to (something close to) perfection and smoothly animated. They also come with three helper characters each, to really help FCF cover representation of every major game publisher of the era.

Famicom Fighters is being concurrently developed for two engines: the M.U.G.E.N version is focused on the singleplayer aspect, while the Ikemen one is for online multiplayer.

Family Fighters 3 Special

Windows (M.U.G.E.N) 🞄 2016 🞄 Lead Developer: KingPepe 🞄 Graphics: brightentayle, KingPepe, Tellis 🞄 Music: brightentayle, MC Jimmy 🞄 Cutscenes: brightentayle

Made as an April Fools release of Famicom Fighters, Family Fighter 3 Special is a hastily-put together tribute to the days of yore, when every kid with a famiclone got to experience a Hummer Team fighting game for the first (or god knows which) time.

Hop into the most perfect recreation of the Hummer Team fighting game engine you'll ever see done in M.U.G.E.N, featuring an all-new soundtrack, - also done a-la Hummer, - and six (actually seven) reimagined characters from Famicom Fighters proper, including SAMVS, ROCKMAN, EARTHWORM and 72 KIN PEP!

Oh, and when you beat the game, there's more than just the credits screen, we promise.

Captain Drexx

ZX Spectrum (128K minimum) 🞄 2014 🞄 Lead Developer: WayBe (as Hacker VBI) 🞄 Graphics: AAA, brightentayle (as Crash Nicker) 🞄 Music, Graphics Redraw: brightentayle

Captain Drexx is a tower defense game. Don't let the fact it's a tower defense game fool you, though: as soon as you're past level one, the training wheels are off and the mobs will be far more likely to run over your headquarters, so place your turrets wisely! To help you weather its' relentless difficulty, Captain Drexx comes with a password system and Kempston Mouse support.

The game itself is available for free, but if you fancy spending six pounds, you can always purchase a physical, cassette tape copy of Captain Drexx from Cronosoft.

NB: Not related to Captain Drex from the Henry Danger series.


ZX Spectrum (48K minimum) 🞄 2013 🞄 Retrosouls 🞄 Lead Developer: Denis Grachev 🞄 Music: CJ Splinter, Voxel? 🞄 Title Screen: brightentayle, CJ Splinter

Sector is a modern take on the 1984 ZX Spectrum game, Transversion (and, by extension, a similar Atari 2600 title called Solar Fox). Your goal is to fly over each and every alien pod while avoiding constant fire from the four Guardians, each placed at different sides of the screen outside the level. You aren't able to defend against them in any way, so might as well do the next best thing: destroy all pods!

The game itself is available for free, but if you fancy spending ten or so pounds, you can always purchase a physical, cassette tape copy of both Sector and its' sequel, Sector: Invasion from Bumsoft Software.


Sosochi 2014

Sosochi 2016


3bm outro

Multimatograf 11 Intro

War for Glory, War for Medals

ZX Spectrum 🞄 Standard 6912 screen 🞄 2014 🞄 Participated in the Sochi Party 2014 General Graphics Compo 🞄 Artists: moroz1999, brightentayle

The Citadel

ZX Spectrum (48K minimum) 🞄 1-bit speaker (Tritone sound engine) 🞄 2015 🞄 Participated in the 3BM OpenAir 2015 General Music Compo 🞄 Original composer: Kalosz/Suspect 🞄 Arrangement: brightentayle

Fire of Shibuya

Atari 2600 🞄 TIA chip 🞄 2014 🞄 Featured on Battle of the Bits: Winter Chip IX 🞄 Composer: brightentayle

Amino Harm

ZX Spectrum (48K minimum) 🞄 1-bit speaker (Tritone sound engine) 🞄 2015 🞄 Featured on Battle of the Bits: Decadent Decade 🞄 Original composer: kfaraday 🞄 Arrangement: brightentayle